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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal dogs of the past

Looty, the first Pekingese dog in Britain, brought by Captain Dunne, 99th Regiment, from Yuanming Yuan, the Summer Palace near Beijing, as a gift for Queen Victoria in April 1861 (above).

Queen Victoria and Sharp 1866 (above).

Queen Victoria in her carriage with her Pomeranian, Turi, late 1890s (above).

The Princess of Wales (later Queen Alexandra) with Alex, her Borzoi dog 1890s (above).

The Duke of York holding a pug 1895 (above).

King Edward VII with his terrier Caesar, 1908 (above).

Funeral Procession of King Edward VII, 20 May 1910, with Caesar, the King’s dog following his casket in 1910 (above).

The Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) and Princess Elizabeth (now The Queen), photographed at Glamis Castle in Scotland by The Duke of York (later King George VI) in 1930 (above).

Princess Margaret, photographed by her father (The Duke of York) surrounded by dogs on the steps at Birkhall in Deeside, Scotland, in 1933.

The Duke and Duchess of York with Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret at Y Bwthyn Bach, Windsor, with their dogs in 1936 (above).

Princess Elizabeth comforts Dookie her corgi, at 145 Piccadilly, London in 1936 (above).

King George VI with one of his corgis in 1948 (above).

HM The Queen with Susan, her corgi in 1952 (above).

HM The Queen collects her corgis at Heathrow Airport in 1984 (above).

I found this on a site called The Dog Files. It was too cool not to share.
All photos are from The Royal Collection © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


  1. Hi! Just making the rounds to remind all my dog-bloggin' friends that the Tricks For Treats contest ends this Friday at 11:59 pm EST. Grab your video camera and get your submission in ASAP!


  2. I love this post! So cool to see all these dogs throughout history. Thanks for sharing!


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