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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friendly Friday Woof Outs

Hi everyone. I'm joining in on the Friendly Friday Pet Blog hosted by PBU. I've read the directions and this is what I understood from it...hope I'm right.

For Friendly Friday I'm to choose a pet blog or pet website that I enjoy and I tell others about it by posting about them. And then my post links up to the PBU Friendly Friday links so it can be shared by a whole bunch of others.

Sounds pretty cool. So, today I'd like to give a woof out to my friend Puggy.

Puggy is a Pekingese just like us and he's special in a way unlike us. Our buddy Puggy has the biggest, longest, giganticest tongue in the world! That's right...Puggy holds the Guinness World Records 2011 for the world's longest tongue.

Puggy has a very tocuhing story
of how he came to be with his family.
You can read more, see more, and even watch videos about Puggy
on his website:

And he also has a facebook page:

Hop on over and give a woof out to Puggy,
tell him the 3 Goobers sent ya.

p.s.  Did I do the Friendly Friday correctly, Oskar?

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