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Monday, September 20, 2010

Today Bites 9-20-10

Today bites.

I went to the vet today to pick up some heart worm pills but come to find out I had to have a heart worm test done all over again...even though I just had one done 3 weeks ago at the shelter before I was adopted and we even have the paper work that says I'm negative.

No test, no pills, is basically what the vet said   >: (

So, I had to give blood. The needle wasn't all that bad, what was bad is when the doc took me away into the back...away from my people.

I had my paws crossed that my people would still be there when I got back...wating for me. Thank dog they were, and I'm still HW negative. So I guess today wasn't so bad afterall.

stay safe~

Le Le


  1. Aww...that stinks that you had to be poked with a needle, but great news that you are heartworm negative! At least they won't have to get your blood for another year:)

  2. You poor thing - sorry about the needle but Thank goodness you are HW negative!!!

  3. That stinks, but I am so glad your test was negative! I didn't know you were such a new adoptee - congratulations!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. sorry you had to have the test again, but so glad it was negative.

    Wasn't it great to find your people still there? That's real love. I think you're stuck with them.

  5. Thanks for the support guys. After a good nights sleep and some eggs for breakfast I forgot all about that stinking shot :)

    And yeah, I think I'm stuck with my new people too...bol! I'm also stuck with my new brother, Augie, and sister, Xia. I love the people and dogs in my new life and I think they love me too, they told me so. I think even the bird, Sunkiss, likes me too. He lets me watch him crack peanuts but he yells at Augie.


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