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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9th 2010

I spent all morning underneath the bed. I was so depressed. The new food here has given me a tummy ache...I've thrown up 3 times bites.

My adopted person and the 2 dogs laid on the floor looking underneath the bed at me trying to say the right things to coax me out, but it wasn't working.

Augie, the youngest one, even climbed under the bed to lay with me...he's so chubby he almost got stuck. He tries to cheer me up and make my tail wag but I just don't feel like wagging.

Xia, the oldest one, is real smart and is helping me to learn their daily routine. I get tied to her leash for walks...I've never really went for a walk before so I wasn't too good on a leash but Xia made it easier, I just follow her lead.

Xia keeps trying to explain to me that maybe the reason that I ended up in the shelter was because my person couldn't afford me...or maybe they moved somewhere where dogs weren't allowed. I think it's because they just didn't want me anymore. I don't really care what the reason is, I'll never understand it.

I overheard my adoptive person say that 46 dogs and cats were adopted the same day I was, pretty cool! And then I heard her say that she read 30 dogs and cats were put to sleep the day after. Put to sleep sounds too peaceful, it's more like an end of their lives.

I think I'll start to venture out from under the bed and give my new home a try. I've got a second chance at life. But I will no longer respond to my name...I want a new name for my new life and move forward.

I guess I am kinda lucky.

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