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Monday, August 9, 2010

August 7th 2010, one scary morning

This is my shelter photo...pitiful ain't it?

Today was just unbeleavable. It was like a fast blur of confusion...when I woke up in the morning I was taken to the Animal Shelter...I never saw THIS one coming. What did I do so dag on wrong to end me up in the shelter!

There were so many dogs and cats there I was wondering if I was gonna have to share a cage. The people there were real nice, they gave me a blanket and told me that things were going to be alright but that's not what the dog said in the cage next to mine. He said he'd been there for a little over a week and his time was coming to an end...what the heck did that mean?

The people told me that they were getting ready for a party. The one year anniversary party for the shelter, Animal Care and Protective Services. They told me they were gonna fix me right up and put me out front for adoption.

I just wanna go back home and go back to sleep...what about my breakfast!

Who woulda thought that fixing me up meant a blood test and a shot in the back of my neck with a BIG needle called a microchip. Doggone that hurt!

Adoptions began at 10:00 and I was one of the first ones to be adopted...thank you, Lord.

I still can't believe this happend to me, it was so scary.

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